Master Your Writing Genius – Part Three – Master Your Destiny

In Parts One and Two of this blog I covered the experience of the Master Your Writing Genius 7 day workshop, and the experience of Africa.

In Part Three I am going to share about the turning point in my life that was the ‘Master Your Destiny’ workshop with William Whitecloud.

Master Your Destiny Workshop – What is it?

William when he put the Master Your Writing Genius on in Africa made the decision to run it back to back with Master Your Destiny (MYD). We had 25 of the writers stay to do MYD, and we had five new participants who came to Africa to do MYD stand alone, so there were 30 of us in total.

MYD Group

MYD is the first in a series of Life Mastery workshops that William has assembled as a curriculum for those wishing to dive deep into practical immersions to learn the principles of mastery and living your destiny in life.

William has been a teacher of life mastery for two decades, and is a committed student of life.

William is a fascinating congruent embodiment of interesting contrasts. His work embodies an understanding of metaphysical and shamanic principles as they apply to creation, yet he has the rigor of a scientist in being grounded and only stating what he knows to be well supported premises. He has a great sense of humour and satirical wit second to none, and the ‘out there’ end of ‘woo woo’ or those obsessed with that in an ungrounded way are often the subject of his jokes.

So what is ‘Master Your Destiny’ about? There are seven premises taught and experienced in Master Your Destiny:

  • Your focus creates your reality
  • Aspects of Consciousness
  • Belief Creates Reality
  • Tension Seeks Resolution
  • Definition Creates Perception
  • Individuation
  • Vibration

Around these premises William has created tools and experiences to create an immersion that brings a deep understanding of the creative process, and how our beliefs block it when we don’t fully understand the process.

At the heart of the creative process is the tension that is created when you create a vision that is set apart from your current reality and your beliefs. It takes will to hold that tension unresolved. We face choice points every day with regard to our vision. At the point we can make a choice that honours our vision, or we can make a choice in favour of our limiting beliefs or our current reality. If you could watch your day through this lense you would see hundreds of choice points about your time, what you prioritise, what you choose to believe. Even the most conscious and aware of us sail across the top of a vast majority of these choice points not even recognising we made a choice.

When you can bring awareness to your choices, and always act choosing in favour of your vision, the tension between your vision and your current reality can only resolve in favour of your vision.

There is no way that the few words I can share about Master Your Destiny can land in a way that compares to the seven day immersion we experienced in Africa. But I hope I can convey a sense of the innate wisdom this body of work contains.


We spent a good deal of time exploring the beliefs we hold and the role they play in every single thing we do in life.

Our core beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world are formed from womb to age 4.

One of my earliest memories that I have rarely shared came to have a great deal of meaning for my understanding of my beliefs. I was a gifted child on some levels, and in ways that were not those that the world typically applauds like sport or just straight genius. My way of being me was not a way that my parents encouraged, as it could mean I may not ‘fit in’ or that I might ‘draw attention to myself’. Thus I was taught to conform, and the beliefs I came to develop were that it wasn’t safe to be my real self.

I have always been slow to make a strong first impression. People love me when they have truly got to know me, but they don’t feel comfortable at first and I’ve never fully understood that. Through the genuinely insightful processes at MYD I came to see that my behaviour in a new environment or around new people has always been to hold back, to work out ‘how it is around here’ so I know ‘how real can I be here’.

As a small child my response to my parent’s reaction to me was to shut down certain parts of me. They were parts of me I could have dearly used, but these are the choices we make as a baby in a cot, and which we then roll out as a frame of reference in everything we face in life. I have no charge for my parents role in the interactions that brought about my beliefs. They were 20 something and doing the best they knew how.

Other participants shaped their beliefs by things as simple as being left in a cot to scream. But as we shared and as we examined any event in our lives where we gave our power away, or had a problem, there at the heart of the situations were the belief’s of a two year old showing up as the guiding principle in the life of a 40 or 50 year old.

Beliefs cannot be changed overnight and fighting them in fact has the opposite effect. But if they are seen through awareness, acknowledged, and then if the power is put in choosing in favour of your vision, their impact can be neutralised.


Once you understand that your supposed reality is actually a set of beliefs made up by a two year old, it opens the door to the creative and intuitive world.

In both MYWG and MYD we did extensive work creating a place of innocence or neutrality, which we then populated with our intuitive and creative expression from our inner genius and saw how those abilities can be put to powerful use as a creator.

I can barely express the profundity of the wisdom that came to me through my own creativity and intuition and from being the recipient of gifts from the other participants in the workshop through the group work that constituted more than half of our time together. When wrapped up with the work we did with William understanding the creative principles, the complete package has created a turning point in my life.
Tom Intuition

Realisations are Cheap, Action Creates Success

One principle it is important to recognise is that ‘realisations are cheap’. My life will change by what I do differently following MYD and MYWG. The good news there is William shared a range of practices that he recommended become daily practices to create awareness around choices in favour of the Visions we created in our Land of Plenty exercise.

I bring home with me from Africa, new awareness’s, ways of seeing, and importantly a commitment to living using the tools to create the world that has always been my destiny and that makes my heart sing when I think of it. I choose to act in favour of my vision and to live aware of every choice point.

For those who might feel inspired to work with William, you can connect with him here:

You can find William’s books on Amazon here:

Ura P Auckland
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Master Your Writing Genius – Part Two – The Africa Experience

In Part One of this Blog : ‘The Birth of a Writer’ I shared the experience of the Master Your Writing Genius workshop with William Whitecloud.

In Part Two I am excited to share the aspect of the experience of our destinations in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa with borders to South Africa to the north, west and south, and Mozambique in the east.

The Welcome

Our meeting point for the writers retreat was the Emperor’s Palace Complex near the Tambo International Airport in Johannesberg.

Our Writers Retreat began with a beautiful dinner at a delightful restaurant called Tribes. It made me especially happy as it offered one of my favourite meals Beef Wellington which I thoroughly enjoyed and went back for more of on my return from MYD.


We had 48 Writers for the retreat and probably half of the attendees had done William’s work before, so the energy was rather like a family reunion, though heart warmingly a family welcoming of its new cousins.

The retreat was to be a dry event between the welcome dinner and the farewell dinner 8 nights later. With an upcoming drought to deal with, the reputation of writers gone by as lushes was upheld quite well, and to be sure I carried my share of the load. I can proudly say too I was among the last five to leave the restaurant, and again proudly was holding my liquor better than most of the stragglers.

The Trip to Swaziland

Our group was up and in reception at 8:00am for the full day trip to Swaziland our Day 0.

The bus trip was through interesting country, rocky hills and pine forests on the South African side of the border, and then after we navigated Swazi Immigration we made our way to a small gifts and café centre called Swazi Candles for lunch. The ladies and men looking for gifts to buy for wives found an amazing scarf shop in the complex and bought literally half of its stock.

The bus trip was peppered with William jumping up to share interesting facts, stories, and jokes masquerading as true stories as we wound our way towards the Swazi Reserves that would be our home for 8 nights for the writers, and then another 9 nights for Master Your Destiny.

Being winter the drive through most of the Swaziland country was pretty dry, though the rocky hills continued to make an interesting vista.

MYWG & Magadzavane Lodge, Mlawula Nature Reserve

We arrived at our home for the writers retreat, Magadzavane Lodge amidst the Mlawula Nature Reserve just after dark, and amidst low lying cloud that obscured our visibility to about 100 metres. We were allocated quite spacious cabins with two beds on the ground level and two on a mezzanine in a high A-Framed cabins with a bathroom and basic kitchen facilities.

We awoke to Day 1 of the Retreat, our first content day with a magnificent vista in front of us. From high on our mountain top, we looked down a valley to the plains that lay below. Again winter had rendered the vista somewhat brown and grey, with a vast majority of trees being deciduous and bare in August, yet it didn’t seem to matter and the beauty of the valley was something that was felt as much as seen.

Our lodge complex turned out to be stunning. Its 20 chalet were lined spaciously across probably 500 metres of hillside with uninterrupted views of the valley. The large Open Air Dining room looked down on an infinity edged pool that in turn looked down on the valley.


The Conference Room where we did our training looked down the valley too, though William was clever enough to face the view himself and position the writers chairs looking at him and the back of the room. Our tea breaks though were always a joy on the terrace in the sun basking in the African sun looking down the valley.

There was a beautiful bar that we got to use only on the last night that sat high above the pool with a polished timber bar going all around the perimeter looking down the valley.


The only downside of our beautiful lodge was the wifi. I don’t know what technology it used, but when a good proportion of 48 people tried to hit it simultaneously in breaks it felt like a 2400 Baud Dial Up Modem sitting behind the wifi. It also had a rather peculiar unnecessary page that came up every time you went to use it with a continue button and no other apparent function of this welcome page. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except the method of communicating to too many people that the facility was overloaded was by the continue button doing not very much.

On another note the 50 metres around the wifi facility seemed to attract an interesting phenomena of writers with electronic devices saying “fuck fuck fuck”.

The upside of the overloaded wifi was we soon resolved ourselves to only checking in on the outside world less frequently.

The highlight of the days outside the extraordinary content of our days was the dawn and dusk Game Drives. We donned our overcoats, beanies, and scarves and drove down the escarpment into the valley where we regularly saw Zebras, Njala (like a Deer), Wilderbeasts Wart Hogs, Monkeys, Baboons, and Giraffes.
Game Drive Giraffe
One of my favourite experiences in the light of the rising or setting sun was capturing the beauty of the flat topped Acacia Tree that so represents my vision of African Flora.


As a lover of top down motoring it rekindled for me the joy of my 2002 Jeep Wrangler as we drove through the night air standing up holding the roll bar, obviously not a great idea in the event of a roll, but a lot of fun and low risk at the speed we were doing.
Open Top

The experience of starting or ending the days getting in touch with the land, the space, the sunrises, the sunsets, and the animals was heart opening. The animals tended to stay at a distance from the people up in the lodge, though the hyenas could be heard in the bush around us in the night, and the walk along the gravel paths to the lodges at night was never without an awareness that there were no fences between us and the animals of the reserve. Thankfully most of them made their home in the bottom of the valley closer to the river.

Our seven days at Writers went so quickly! I was so glad when it came to our last evening that I had decided to take the bonus Master Your Destiny special offer that William had offered all of the writers and that around 25 of us took up.

Our farewell dinner was a wonderful night, and we were treated to a performance by indigenous dancers and musicians that ranks as the best I have seen. Most amazing was the Swazi high kick dance where the leg is brought down in a drum like move that is perfectly timed with a booming hit on multiple massive drums by the musicians is magical to watch, and you would swear it is the dancers leg that is making the drumming noise on the ground.

The dancers somehow identified me as a good candidate to sing their songs with them, so repeating the Swazi words, as best I could hear them, I sang the roof off which was captured on video by a number of the writers and earned me some kudos with the Swazis and writers alike.
Shamanic Dance Ura Song

The next morning the twenty or so writers who had previously done Master Your Destiny and weren’t going to do it again, plus those unable to stay said their sad goodbyes, and those of us going on to MYD made our way down through our own valley reserve, and into the MBuluzi Game Reserve that we had visited on one of the night drives. For Master Your Destiny this was to be our home.

MYD and MBuluzi Game Reserve

MBuluzi was a dramatically different set up. Five new people joined the 25 odd writers, and we spread ourselves among five privately owned lodges all in riverfront positions on the Mlawula River.

One of the things to note about Swazi names is that if you were playing Wheel of Fortune you could save some money by never needing to buy a vowel to guess a second letter.

Down in this valley we were truly in the thick of nature. We would commonly wake up to Njala Bulls and Bucks wandering the lawns.


My lodge mates were John, Nancy, Bernie, Deb, and two of the new girls Sonia and Gabrielle, or put another way, we had four Aussies, and two Expat Londoners. We stayed in Nkhankanka Lodge one of the oldest, but really tasteful and solid with a two bedroom main house with two bathrooms and a two bedroom separate guest house with two bathrooms.

Our Lodge

Our lodge was the one to get some baboon action during our week there when we came home from dinner at Singwe Lodge on our first night to find the baboons had broken our outdoor table and tried to prise open the door.

The lodges were spread across several kilometres. Three inside about 800 metres of one another, and Singwe quite removed with two river crossings and an enchanted forest between us. Each lodge had a vehicle and two lucky lodges had open top landrover game vehicles. The other three had two Toyota Vans and a Hyundai People Mover all of which had just enough ground clearance to get over 95% of the jumps and bumps of the tracks, and not quite enough for the other 5% of the bumps which made good fodder for the passengers to tease the driver when we bottomed. I was a driver.

Each morning after a funded, but self catered breakfast of our choosing we would drive to Tambuti Tented Lodge that each day played host to our workshop where we would sit on a magnificent timber deck around a pool looking down onto the Mlawula River and as we learned hearing Njala game enough to splash in the river shallows, and baboons traversing the far bank.
Workshop Venue

At lunch we would drive the several kilometres to a catered lunch at Singwe spotting Giraffes, Njala, Zebra, and Baboons, and then back again with full bellies. The animals in the reserves in Swaziland are well protected.

After our afternoon session there would usually be time for a sunset game drive, or pre-dinner nap. Then around 7:00pm we’d head over to Singwe through all the game again to look down on the river bend in the dusk light from its deck and enjoy a catered dinner.
Singwe 1 Singwe 2

Usually a late night game drive in the land rovers would be on offer again too.

On our second night at MBuluzi we had a very special experience when we went out to a local cane fire. I’ve witnessed a cane fire some 25 years ago in North Queensland, but to most of the group it was a new experience and certainly the size of this field made it a special one which we experienced at close enough range to feel our skin going close to turning to crackling.
Flames 1 Flames 2

The other key event of the week was the cultural day that the writers experienced on the Wednesday, between the move down from Magadzavane and MBuluzi on the Tuesday and the commencement of MYD on the Thursday. There were two main experiences in this day. We did a three hour game drive in HLane Game Reserve where we got to see Lions and a Lion Cubs, and Elephants, which we had not experienced in the other reserves. I was staggered by the wastelands created by the elephants as they pulled down trees in wide swathes of territory. It looked like Mad Max country. It was a humbling experience to have a large bull elephant coming towards our vehicle with the power to squash us or push our vehicle over. Our driver stayed at a safe and respectful distance, but it is a special experience to be reminded that we are not nature’s most powerful creature without our technologies.

For the afternoon our Cultural Tour made our way up to Shewula Mountain Camp a truly representative rural village. We were treated to another Swazi dance, not quite as perfected as the one from the Writers Dinner, but performed by the young people of the village with heart, who invited us to join them and who certainly outshone us. We enjoyed a beautiful curry lunch, and then made visits to a number of homesteads where we took some food staples, for the families, and some soccer balls and chuppa chups for the kids. We had a fascinating conversation with a very old village elder about some of the highlights of his life in one of the homesteads, and finished at a homestead where those game enough tried the very cloudy home brew beer.

Old Man Beer

Our time at MBuluzi was truly special! We were on the land, we were among wild animals, we even witnessed a crock try to take an Njala Bull on the causeway before the enchanted forest on the way to dinner on our second last night. We experienced one another through all the processes of Master Your Destiny with our feet on the ground of Mother Africa in her midst. It was the perfect place to be with ourselves, to experience ourselves in a different and more simple context.

I did let myself connect with the outside world, with my beloved wife Pj at home, and to share a little of what we were experiencing each day by photo. I found it hard not to. I could take the piss out of my ego in some way around that, but in this context I don’t need to. I genuinely want more people to know these experiences can be had. I want to encourage others to live a rich life and to claim experiences like these for themselves.

Master Your Destiny – The Experience

In Part Three of this blog I will share what every person should be claiming for themselves, their destiny. At Master Your Destiny 30 souls went through deep and powerful journies to create a vision for the life that is our soul’s desire, that is rich with meaning and abundance, and coming to an understanding of how we use our inner genius and structure and tension to resolve choices in favour of our vision over our current reality and limiting beliefs. To get a glimpse into what has been a turning point in my life, read Part Three.

Ura P Auckland
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Master Your Writing Genius – Part One – The Birth of a Writer

‘One of my life’s most powerful turning points’, that was my experience of William Whitecloud’s Master Your Writing Genius and Master Your Destiny workshops that he ran back to back in the Kingdom of Swaziland in the south of the African continent over the last three weeks.

The birth of a Writer’s Intention

I have had a knowing all my life that I would one day transition to living the life of a writer and author.

I first set a serious intention to write my first book in October of 2009 over dinner and a bottle of wine with my dear friends Claudio and Sa Silvano. Both Claudio and I committed that night to become serious about writing and publishing a book. Claudio self-published his first book in 2012 and has just published his second.

I have begun my first book many times, and I have many deep passions that I am drawn to unleash onto a page. For my books though, my drive is to have reach and to make an impact that will influence change. I want a publisher and I want to write books that beg to be picked from the shelf of a book store.

I’ve had some impact as a blogger with north of 29,000 views, but I have struggled when the medium has turned to a book to find a theme that I was satisfied would speak to readers on a large scale.

That was until I attended Master Your Writing Genius (MYWG) with William.

William Whitecloud and Natural Success

William is the founder of Natural Success International and the Author of ‘The Magician’s Way’ (2004) and the ‘Last Shaman’ (2011). He has been extraordinarily successful as an author and has a book that has continued to sell in volume and to be a model for success spanning a decade, and his book has been a platform that has drawn people to his workshops, and that has given him a voice in the world and opened doors the average person probably isn’t even aware of. William has spent 20 years teaching people the model of Natural Success and of dreaming into being the life our heart desires through our inner connection to genius.

William’s own heart’s desire now is to create an area of focus on working with writers and creatives in supporting them to apply the principles he has lived and taught for 20 years. William has taken his principles of natural success and woven them with his experience and study of what brings success as an author, and has brought all of this together in a 7 day program that brings extraordinary clarity to any author or writer.

The goal of Master Your Writing Genius is to have you walking away after 7 days with a clear theme, premise, and conceit (the aspect of your book that is unexpected and makes it a book that will change the narrative in your field) that have been inspired through your connection to your own genius and inspiration. The goal was more than delivered on at Master Your Writing Genius for me.

Master Your Writing Genius – The Writers Experience

In writing terms, and in the story of my trip to Africa, William is both the Opponent, and the Dynamic Character.

William is my opponent because my ego will be burned at the stake in my book. Through the journey William created, in what felt to my ego like a very clever surprise move on day 5, William created an experience where my ego could not help but see how it must die to serve my journey as an author.

The Dynamic Character is the character against whom the progress of the main character in a story is measured. In this sense the complete Ura that is both the ego and the higher self is the main character. Through the seven days William masterfully creates a range of learning experiences, experiences of inner connection and vision, and experiences of receiving the wisdom of other people’s genius. As I shared my experience William was fully present to my journey, my insights, and the evolution of the vision for my book. William holds space powerfully and from a place of being in service with fierce love. When I was off track he would tell me so with crisp clarity and he would draw on his own genius to help me see, when I was stepping into my own genius he would reflect that and help others to see the lesson for them. Rarely have I experienced a facilitator who holds space as strongly and powerfully as William does.

On day two of MYWG, two of the other writers shared with me during an extraordinarily powerful intuitive exercise that they saw my book being a rollicking fun laugh through the insights I would offer. This really surprised me! I hadn’t seen that. I could not yet understand how that would be so. My book was to be a book about consciousness in business and creating a more conscious world. I could get that the world is pretty messed up and that there might be irony in some of the insights, but ‘rollicking fun’ was not something I could yet comprehend. On Day 5 through the surprise move William had instigated it all became clear in an instant. Through the exercise my ego’s opponent got me to do, I suddenly saw my ego in all its hilarity, its disfunction, and its frailty and it was funny as hell! Suddenly I knew the place I would write from, and as I wrote that afternoon the words flowed onto the page of my journal.

My Journal

So in the spirit of being prepared to sacrifice my ego, herewith are the words I wrote that afternoon overlooking the plains of MBuluzi from the mountain top of Magadzavane.


Story of the Day Off

Thursday was my free day from the program of the Writer’s Retreat. I had already ridden highs and lows and I awoke at 5:30am for the Game Drive. I was feeling a mix of excitement to be going on the  Safari, and a pensiveness at what lay ahead in the writer’s content and about my fears of inadequacy in accessing my creative genius.

The Safari was a great escape from the pensiveness. We saw a great variety of animals and I got some great photos for Facebook to share with my followers and to impress them with the world I have created. My ego liked that!

We got back for a late breakfast and I joined Sherin and a couple of the others and chatted till 11. They MYD community feels like a tight group and it felt nice to be welcomed by the longer term members.

My energy after a late night the night before and an early morning was low and I felt like a morning map before lunch. Truth be told it would break the tension with facing the pensiveness too.

I awoke at 12:15 and had the shower I had skipped that morning. By 12:30 I was at lunch and I dined with those that were around and hadn’t gone on the culture trip for those not attending MYD. It was a comfortable lunch and the smaller group felt nice.

After lunch most of the group hit the pool. I sat up on the terrace close by. But outside the action. My task for the afternoon was to check in with home, upload some photos and make sure my Facebook community was appropriately envious.

I included in the photos I uploaded a photo of the pool frolicking, suggestive of all the fun I was watching others have. In the photo Ryan was leaping through the air to catch a ball. Who knows, my followers might even think I threw it.


I did use the great internet connection to check in with my lovely lady Pj. I was glad to hear she has had a good trip to Dubbo and Newcastle. It felt good to connect after a few days of technology issues.

As I sat on the terrace I did contemplate getting my board shorts and joining the throng, but there was something uncomfortable about the large group and non-intellectual pursuits. I moved on from such thoughts quickly lest they bring my attention to my reality versus the persona I was busy maintaining on Facebook.

I managed to while away the afternoon in safety, blissfully unaware that the devilish Whitecloud had a plan to show me to myself.

The setting sun ended the pool gathering and the resort crowd again gathered for dinner.

Dinner was with the big table again with the fun crowd. Here I was in on the fun, able to connect, safer than at the pool, though still not in total comfort.

Conversation swung around to Shamans when Sherin asked me about my name. We all had a great conversation in a space that allowed me to reveal another of my dimensions. Jen was also an accomplished journier, and we explored a space that was quite new to most of the group.

Somewhere through dinner the Culture Trip returned and we welcomed back those who had spent the day away.

After a final coffee enjoying the glow of the shamanic conversation, it was time for bed. I hit the pillow happy after a fun evening. It had been a pleasant day of escape, but good fodder now for seeing.

A Writer’s Vulnerability

That writing exercise shared above in its raw incompleteness, the output of a 40 minute flow of consciousness onto the page showed me the place from which I would write. My book would be funny and my ego would be the butt of the joke. My topic is a serious one, but there is no more powerful way to see the disfunction of the world than to truly see how we live egoic lives unconscious to the place they are taking us.

I decided then and there that there is no secret I need to keep, no stone I should leave unturned if it holds a lesson that serves my theme and holds wisdom that needs to be shared.

Writing Structure

A key element of MYWG was developing our themes, our premises, and finding the conceit or unexpected truth that would capture the minds of our readers. Across the 7 days we did many exercises, deepened our relationship with these aspects of our book. We tested them on each other, we intuited wisdom for one another many times, we shared our learnings in the group as a whole and when we were speaking shit William told us so, always from a place of fierce love in service to our higher self, our book and our readers.

Every single one of the 48 writers present walked away with a structure like the frame of a sailing skiff. Over 7 days they were forged into titanium like congruence, filled with heart and genius, carrying messages that have not to date been heard. We leave the writers retreat with a sound frame well crafted and ready to receive the planks that will be the words we write. Our books will be fit to navigate the toughest seas and to reach every corner of the world because they have been birthed from genius in a writer’s retreat that in 7 days helped me achieve far more than I have in the six years since Claudio and I made our pact together.

This morning I arose at 5:00am. Early morning will be my writer’s time. I will rise at 5:00 every day, and I will write till 7:00 at least. If my day is clear I will keep going until the energy feels complete. I left the Writer’s Retreat with two goals. The first is to complete the first draft of my manuscript by 31st December 2015. The second is for this my first book to make number 1 business book on the New York Times best seller list. That is the kind of end result you set out to create when you set goals from your greatness.

As we were shown at Master Your Destiny (which will be the subject of Part Three of this blog) when you set the goals your soul really yearns for, and then always resolve the tension between your current reality (including your limiting beliefs) and your vision by making choices in favour of your vision, the tension can only propel your reality towards your vision.

But What About Africa?

That our Master Your Writing Genius and Master Your Destiny retreats occurred in Swaziland on the continent of Mother Africa was no accident. Its place in creating a stillness and a consciousness that nourished our souls will be the subject of Part Two of this blog.

Ura P Auckland
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