Powerful Passionate People and the Unexpected

A Moment of Clarity

Tonight at Men’s Group I had one of those moments of absolute clarity. I drove home from Men’s Group in absolute joy feeling immense gratitude for the clarity and abundance that has enriched my life through the last several years.

The Unexpected

Last night I spent a couple of hours at a workshop run by my friend William Whitecloud on tapping into your genius and being one of the 1,000 writers of the 1,000,000 books published every year that succeed in terms of reaching an expansive audience.

William is about more than writing, and his life’s work has been about the magic that comes from your creative spark, your ‘genius’.  But as a successful author one of his current passions is helping what he learned about applying the creative spark to writing to become a successful author.

One among a great many ‘Aha Moments’ last night was an element of William’s experience and wisdom, that a critical factor for a successful book is surprise. They create the unexpected. They go somewhere other books haven’t.

William asked the audience of largely first time writers about our book projects. We were all passionate people, all with subjects that are important in the world, like my passion for bringing greater consciousness to business. The trouble is we live in a crowded world where time is precious and the threshold we need to cross as authors is : “will this book change me, move me, take me to a vastly different place that justifies two days of my life to read it?” None of the responses any of us gave would have motivated vast numbers of readers to pick our books off the shelf.

So I had an awesome night with William and among a long list of shifts in my thinking about writing was this point about ‘the unexpected’, and bringing my creative genius that is the unique being I am to creating that.

Extrapolating the Unexpected from Writing into Life

Tonight at Men’s Group as I was sharing and sparked by some of the sharing of the other men attending tonight, I extended the ‘Aha Moment’ about writing the unexpected beyond writing, to life. I am not talking about doing the unexpected in a trite way. A lesson I seek to live is to live from a place of service. So what if now I brought my awareness to coming from a place of service and filling my day by turning up in unexpected ways for those around me. What if I did that for my beautiful wife Pj. What if I did that in every client connection.

I head into tomorrow with a great gift and a gift I plan to live for the rest of my days. But what I’d like to share some more about is how I came to be in a position to receive that gift from a powerful passionate person like William Whitecloud.

Investing in connecting with Passionate Powerful People

I come back to my drive home tonight. On that drive, I felt so many of the pieces of my life puzzle fall into place.

I saw and felt powerfully tonight how one of my mantras for the last couple of years has transformed my life. I have made it a practice to connect with and invest in working with ‘Powerful Passionate People’.

That may seem like a simple thing. It actually is, but knowing it is different from living it. The magic has happened by living it.

Lets go back a step, and share my journey to this knowing, and what is now a way of life for me.

First I built it, but they didn’t come

When I created my private company Authegrity, I thought my passion and my clarity around my life my purpose would be enough, and to some degree I did an ‘If I build it, they will come’. Turns out my shingle wasn’t enough to make them come for quite a while.

Starting with people who know, love and respect me

My outer muse and now wife Pj  came along when I was 12 months into my journey of making my passion and life purpose into my business and profession. Then a further 6 months into our journey together in January 2013, Pj shared with me a ‘cracker’ of a piece of wisdom to go spend time with the people who know and love me and to explore ways of creating value with them. I did that, and because those friends knew and trusted me, they introduced me to their friends.

That actually transformed my life. Through that experience I had a 1 + 1 + 1 = 9 experience.

The 1 + 1 + 1 = 9 experience

Late in January 2013, I was introduced by one of my best friends Justyn Wood to Steve Hartley, one of my two co-founders in Evolve Salons.

How that came to pass is noteworthy.

I met Justyn Wood because I attended a Men’s Gathering in June 2011 and made a decision during that gathering to step into the circle at the Closing Ceremony to be of service to that community on a 12 month journey to create the 2012 Gathering as a member of its Organising Committee. I made an investment, on this occasion of my spare time, in the company of another nine powerful passionate men. On that journey Justyn (and several other men whom I have profound stories about for another day) became a close friend and came to experience my power, my passion, and my experience and contribution.

On the strength of that experience with me Justyn introduced me to Steve Hartley and from there came the most significant abundance event in my life to date, all from an investment of some time volunteering.

Justyn connected me with Steve Hartley, and Steve in turn to our other co-founder Iain Horne.

I have been present from early in the journeys of start-up enterprises three times prior to Evolve. This though was my first time present at ground zero, prior to incorporation, where a group of complimentary powerful passionate people through alchemy created something far bigger than ourselves, and which just as I was leaving the company in September 2014 was becoming the largest group of owned hair salons in Australia.

In contrast to my solo journey establishing Authegrity, my journey at Evolve showed me the value of investing in bringing together my passion with the passion of others.

My 1 + Steve’s 1 + Iain’s 1, didn’t add to three. No, it was exponential, it was alchemy. I know that no two of us could have done it without the third. We created the force we needed to build something profound and as the three we could feel we had what it would take, and together we made a whole in a way that enabled us to get our bird airborne. The result of our 1 + 1 + 1 was definately 9 for me, and thats even after me making a decision to exit much earlier than I had planned where 1+1+1+a longer time would have equalled 99.

My Web of Powerful Passionate People

Powerful Passionate People

Powerful Passionate People







I come back again to the joy that was flowing through me on my way home. Tonight I felt and saw clearly the web of powerful passionate people I have attracted into my life. To some degree I have attracted these people all of my life here and there.

The difference now is I have done two things, I have stepped into living a life in my passion and becoming a powerful passionate person myself, and I have created a practice every day of making telephone calls to arrange a coffee, or a lunch, or a weekend get together with other powerful passionate people.

My connection with William Whitecloud last night was through a free workshop. William shares his knowledge freely with any who feel called to learn from a powerful passionate person. He knows some will go deeper and feel called to make an investment with him in becoming one of the one in one thousand authors who achieve significant reach. But even if I didn’t plan to go further with William, by spending even just a couple of hours in the company of that powerful passionate man who is a master at accessing his genius, I got not only a ‘Writing Aha’, but a ‘Life Aha’.

That might sound like a good day, but William was only one of two powerful passionate people who gave me big shifts yesterday, the other being a really generous Writing Publicist Katie McMurray who gave freely of her wisdom to me for an hour yesterday, and who also gave me some big aha moments that will transform the way I approach my writing.

I will more than likely outlay money or share value with many of the powerful passionate people I spend time with. Five years ago I could not have imagined having the ability to do so. Today it is both my deep knowing and my experience and results that when I come from a place of abundance, when I am of service, when I reach out, when I invest in moments in time with other passionate powerful people, my life is transformed.

But its important to remember some of the powerful passionate people I have drawn into my life came through my giving freely of my time. When I go into a meeting, a connection, or an opportunity truly coming from a place of abundance and of sharing there can be many forms of payment, and there can be many kinds of value created through connection.

Today I have a huge network of powerful passionate people. I am connected to many in the real world, who as I have shared have created financial abundance in my life again. But I am also passionate about connecting with likeminded powerful passionate people via social media. I am connected to 1,756 on Facebook who were recently instrumental in driving a blog I wrote to go viral with now 27,352 blog views or better than one in every one thousand Australians. My investment in my social network is my time on blogs like this, and sharing life experience and hard won wisdom.

Tonight’s little gift of the Unexpected

So as of tonight, when I go into the world to meet powerful passionate people, I do so with the intention of bringing to them the unexpected.

Seeing as this blog is a part of communicating with powerful passionate people, I am going to end by giving you a little of the unexpected.

You are a powerful passionate person. Every single one of us is a powerful passionate person. We see that in others when we have learned that we are one, and when we have learned that our heart is the path through which we touch the soul of the other powerful passionate people, that’s where the power and the passion live.

I see you for the soul you truly are, I really do, and when we truly come together consciously that’s when alchemy happens.


Ura P Auckland
Business Coach &
Social Entrepreneur

Managing Director
Authegrity Pty Ltd


Value Creation: The mantra of the Conscious CFO and the real source of Profit

Rightly or wrongly, the reaction that comes up for a lot of people when they have something to do with a Chief Financial Officer can range from fear and frustration through to ambivalence.

The profession is changing, but historically in many organisations the Chief Financial Officer has tended to have the reputation of an axe wielder.

For 11 years of my life I worked as a Chief Financial Officer in two early stage companies that I took on a journey to listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. Both of these companies were on a long path to establishing significant international businesses exporting technology to international markets. The strategies in these businesses were complex. We operated in highly regulated environments, across international borders, with complex technology and with intellectual property strategies to manage. Businesses operating amid these types of complexities are becoming increasingly common in today’s globalised and highly competitive world.

The historic influence of a CFO tended to be a myopic one, where profit and bottom line were their quest and where engagement with operational managers could at times be high handed and with little room for negotiation.

The ConscioValueus CFO is quite the opposite. Any quest that begins with profit as the primary objective is not recognising the true source of profit. Profit is an outcome and it is the product always of having created value for the community that a business serves.

The Conscious CFO also recognises they are a leader in the community at large. The organisation can only continue to exist and serve their constituency and generate profit while they continue to work in harmony with all of that community. It isn’t enough to serve just the part of community that represents your customers. A Conscious CFO is aware of costs and impacts they impose on a community and does not encourage short term profit at the expense of others. Business models like that should be of great concern to the CFO, and the liabilities from Asbestos  at James Hardie are an example of why.

The quest for a Conscious CFO should be to work with operational managers to understand how their functions operate in supporting value creation for the community. The Conscious CFO should be the business partner who helps the operational manager understand their part in creating value, and helping them create more of it efficiently and, even more importantly, effectively for all stakeholders involved.

The CFO is the custodian of the financial models that translate the strategy of the business into tactical actions in the areas of responsibility of each operational manager. The CFO’s responsibility is to work out what needs to happen on the capital funding side to allow the business to deliver on its strategy, and to model revenues, costs, and profit to show what returns the capital can expect. Then the CFO works with operational managers to manage execution against that plan, adjusting plans as needs be when the business meets reality.

The call for the CFO to be conscious is a call to truly engage with the operational managers. It is a call to commit to the fundamental proposition that the organisation exists to serve, and to create value for a community. It is only from this place that true value is created, and it is only from value created that profit can come.

The antithesis is the ‘Axe Wielding CFO’, the one who engages with operational managers with mandates to cut costs by 20% and “make it work”. This is a prescription for a dying business. The operational managers now have a scape goat for the issues the business faces, “The CFO forced these cuts and be it on his head”. They now have a reduced commitment to ensuring the organisation functions effectively in creating value. A niggling part of them may even like to prove the CFO has created a disaster.

This is not to say that a Conscious CFO won’t go looking for cost savings. I’ve been in that situation many times. It’s a part of business that things change and a business can only continue to exist by dealing with its reality. But the Conscious CFO faces the circumstance not by reducing communication to mandates, but by even more deeply engaging with all the people affected and involving them in creating solutions together, and always with a focus on ensuring an understanding of how value is created. If the Conscious CFO has the skills to create a truly authentic connection, they can be a catalyst to help people reach inside in such moment of crisis and tap into the extraordinary creativity that lies inside all of us, from which new strategies can emerge creating new sources of value.

You can choose to shut people down such that they disengage their consciousness and blindly chop resources by 20%, or you can truly engage the innate creativity that lies in every employee by engaging with them and thinking differently about the business.

The place to truly understand profit is from the shoes of the customer, the community that the business serves. To truly prosper over the long term requires a commitment to creating value for the customer, to innovate, to know their world, to improve their outcomes and the quality of their lives, to truly be of service. When a business focuses here they create value, and that value justifies premium margins and creates profit.

A Conscious CFO does not create a blind focus on profit, because such blindness can choke the value creation activities that underpin innovation and ultimately profit. The Conscious CFO helps a business understand the various drivers from which profit is created, and they support the business in navigating the sometimes stormy seas of reality adjusting plans as appropriate.

A Conscious CFO is of service to all stakeholders internal and external, and is a very positive influence on the culture of an organisation.

The time has come for the CFO to stand proudly as a shining and conscious example of leadership, and as an enabler!


Ura P Auckland
Managing Director
Conscious Commerce & Conscious Governance Advocate and Advisor
Authegrity Pty Ltd


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