I have been working this week on a new marketing approach for my business Authegrity.

Authegrity in many ways is bringing services to a market that doesn’t know it needs the service. So in some senses there is a marketing job to start with a need that is unfilled and which Authegrity’s services can fulfill.
The solution I am working with is micro-sites. I have identified around a dozen types of needs that I can fulfill through Authegrity and the types of search terms people with those needs might use. I am then building a small focused website for the need dealing very specifically with that need and explaining directly how Authegrity can provide the solution to that need.
The main website for a business needs to have an overall coherance and when people look at it, they want to feel like you have your hands around their issue. Unless your organisation is a very narrow niche it can be difficult to give the customer a sense that you can be focused enough on their needs through your core website.The Micro-site allows the creation of a very particular and focused relationship with a target market without watering down your overall business theme on your core website.

Here are the sites I have finished so far.
I will let you know how it works out.
Ure P Auckland
Organisational Revolutionary
Authegrity Pty Ltd

Mobile   +61-413-051-604

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